Top things you should do now to secure a Christmas casual role

Posted: 26th Aug

With more people shopping and dining out, the number of casual opportunities significantly
increases during the Christmas period.

And since many businesses, especially in hospitality and retail, are experiencing this spike in trade, job seekers with little or no previous work experience may have a better chance at getting their foot in the door.

But, just as there is a greater demand for casual work during Christmas, there’s also a greater number of job seekers who are looking for casual opportunities during this time. So it’s important to
start your search for a casual Christmas role as early as possible.

While it may seem odd to plan your Christmas work when the winter chill is still in the air, now is actually the best time to start applying. Many businesses begin their end-of-year hiring campaigns through August and September to ensure there’s plenty of time to screen, select and train new recruits. As a result, the number of advertised casual jobs significantly drops off around November and December.

With competition for casual work opportunities likely to rise after September, it’s not only important to start your search early, but to also use all the tools at your disposal. For example, setting up a job alert for the types of roles you’re after will help you stay ahead of the competition.

The next question you should ask is: Are you prepared with all the tools for your job search? Make sure your resume is ready and tailored for the type of jobs you want to apply to.

If you have little or no previous work experience, here’s what you can include in your resume to help
you during your search for a Christmas casual role.

Once you have your ideal job in mind, the next step is to develop a cover letter that explains how
you stand out among other applicants. Keep in mind that a cover letter shouldn’t just repeat what’s
on your resume, but instead expand on key points to give a flavour of experiences and achievements which indicate your suitability to the company’s peak season opportunities.

If you’re successful at the application stage and get invited to interview, be careful to not underestimate the level of formality required. While it might be casual work, that doesn’t affect the
quality of work required from you and it’s likely the interviewer will be assessing you through the
same eyes as a permanent candidate. As a rule of thumb, overdressing is always better than
underdressing when it comes to giving a good first impression.

Assessment centres are also commonly used by companies recruiting higher volumes of casual
workers for the peak season. So, make sure you conduct yourself in a way that’s in line with the skills
they will most likely be looking for. For example, if you’re applying for a retail job, show that you’re
comfortable having conversations with people you don’t know by mingling within the group and
interacting with people in a professional yet personal way.

Any Christmas casual role could be a career opportunity for the future. So it’s important to find the
right experience by making an early start on your search and conducting yourself professionally
during the interview stage.

Source: The Sydney Morning Herlad -